Guide To Online Shopping With Your Bitcoins

Bitcoins are a digital currency stored and created online. There is no printed document like paper money that we are used to using in our everyday lives. Produced by businesses and individuals online they use a specific software with a pre set mathematical formula that shows how many bitcoins you have. Based upon the mathematical system they aren’t controlled by any central agency and they are transferred via an electronic means and using low transaction fees.

There are some great advantages to choosing to buy bitcoins from coinbox in Malaysia and sell products online.

Bitcoins are processed much more quickly than banking transactions are processed and they won’t be held in an escrow type account for days on end. This gives you a quicker and more secure shopping experience.

There is a small transaction fee for using bitcoins although often they are free. These fees should be listed right up front so you’ll always know how much you have to spend.

All transactions are processed via secure means and you’ll never have to enter any personal information like you must enter with a credit card transaction.

All you have to do when using bitcoins is set up your account wallet and buy some bitcoins from the exchange or directly from someone else. You’ll store your bitcoins in a virtual wallet that you can readily access.

Once you’ve set up your wallet and stocked it with bitcoins you’re ready to go shopping. Many merchants use bitcoins and more are always added daily. In addition to eCommerce sites, a lot of brick and mortar stores are beginning to utilize bitcoins as well including such shops as Dell, Home Depot and even major department stores such as Sears. Bitcoins are the wave of the future when it comes to shopping and a very secure way to do your shopping.

It’s easy to locate merchants that accept bitcoins. All you have to do is look online via aggregator sites and even marketplaces using bitcoions.

Here are a few ways to use you bitcoins to get you started on your new adventure with bitcoins.

Purchase physical products as well as services.

Use eCommerce websites.

Buy a wide array of products via eCommerce sites with your bitcoins.

Use your bitcoins online for videos, video games, apps, Xbox purchases, Windows phones and other windows platforms.

Dell accepts bitcoins as well. They even offer an introduction offer with ten percent off of the higher end Alienware PCs.

Bitcoins can be utilized on anything from jewelry to furniture and even on Overstock. More shops are being added daily.

Computers are using bitcoins for software and other kinds of good via their retail giant Newegg.

Tiger Direct accepts bitcoins for purchases.

Some of the major airlines like Air Baltic and even Air Lituanica accept them for many of their ticker purchases., an online booking site, accepts payment via bitcoins.

These are but a few of the companies that will let you use your bitcoins with more being added daily.

Gift Cards

If a company doesn’t accept bitcoins, many will allow you to purchase a gift card with bitcoins. Then you can use the gift card for your purchases from said company. A lot of major retailers accept bitcoins to buy gift cards including: Amazon, Nike, Target and even Walmart.

Clearly bitcoins have great value online and off. You can buy nearly anything with your bitcoins and you don’t have to give up your private or personal information. it’s quick and easy and secure to use your bitcoins. You’ll appreciate the more secure method of shopping with bitcoins and you’ll find that you are able to get everything you need right at your fingertips.

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